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Testimonials > What Clients say

Dear Dr. Weaver,

I finally did it!  I graduated college with a Psychology degree from U-Mass! 

I wanted to write to you to express my appreciation of all that you have done for me throughout the years to get to this point.  Mainly, I want to thank you for helping me to believe in myself, and helping me realize that my strengths are what matter the most…Thank you very much for all of the help, support, and belief that I could do it.

--J.J., College Graduate (June 2009)

When my son was 4 years old, he was attending a Montessori pre-school in the Back Bay.  By the end of the year, he was sounding out words and beginning to read.  The following year, we moved and he transferred to a public school known for being a top school in the state, and the country.  

My vivid memories:
     One day, while going in to pick him up from kindergarten, all the children were playing.  My son was sitting in the corner of the room, his hood over his head, sucking his thumb.  I felt tremendous sadness and still do today if I think about it.  He was not participating because he couldn't absorb the teacher’s instructions... in kindergarten.
     By the end of kindergarten, he lost all the skills he had learned the year before and was unable to read anything.  In first grade, at our first parent-teacher meeting, we were told by the teacher that R__ was a "trouble-maker".  I looked her in the eye and politely said, "I think I know my son better than you. He is not a trouble maker.  But there is trouble going on, and my wife and I are going to find out what it is".

That is when we contacted Weaver Center.

Those first meetings with the clinician were for R__, but also served to give us hope that we could find a way to win over his ADHD.  Our clinician explained that he himself had a learning disability, but there are techniques that he will teach R__ to compensate.  My apologies for not knowing the techniques by name, but over the years, he taught R__ all of them.

We made sure to enroll our son in the Special Needs programs that his schools offered, making sure he had extra time for tests, extra time for homework assignments, extra tutoring for homework.  The school was on board with the support we needed, about 80% of the time.  When they went off track, we brought in our Weaver Center clinician to reinforce their obligations and educate them further on their responsibilities to R__.

One other major point: my wife was always, from the very beginning, R__'s chief advocate.  She studied all about his learning disability and was always on the front line with the teachers every step of the way.  Every child needs a strong advocate to be successful.  I am so grateful to my wife for her wisdom and courage to take on that role.

Our son steadily progressed every year, from the bottom of the class, eventually to the top.  He excelled in math.   Fast forward. . .  Today R__ is a sophomore at Villanova University.  He is getting all A's and B's in his major of mechanical engineering.  He is a member of a fraternity and gets involved in community service.  His passion is the study of medical equipment, both for the fascination of the mechanics and for the benefit that they bring people.  His future is bright, but most importantly, he is enjoying his life with the learning skills that he was taught at the Weaver Center.

Thank you Dr. Weaver for your amazing clinic. . .  I have talked about you for years.  As you continue your great work, please know that there is one person named R__, and his parents, who owe you our greatest debt of gratitude.

Letter from a parent (May 2009)

As a teenager with ADD, nothing was harder for me than staying focused on my school work.  While I possessed all the intelligence and tools needed to be successful, the challenges of ADD kept me underachieving to my true potential.  I would turn in assignments late or not at all, get distracted in class, and be inconsistent in my effort.  My grades were suffering as a result of my ADD.  I needed a solution.  Dr. Buck Weaver and the Weaver Center was that solution.

At Weaver Center, Dr. Buck Weaver and his team of professionals taught me how to best utilize my strengths in order to combat the challenges of ADD.  I learned strategies and techniques to help me identify my true goals, keep myself focused, and achieve.  It didn’t happen overnight, but with the help of Weaver Center professionals, I reclaimed my ability to succeed, got on top of my school work, raised my grades, and ultimately graduated and was accepted into a respectable university.  I learned valuable skills – applicable to all facets of life – to help me recognize the pitfalls of ADD and avoid them.

Today, I possess a Bachelor of Arts degree and am heading to Grad School – but I couldn’t have done it without the Weaver Center.  I will always be grateful for what Weaver Center has done for me.  For anyone struggling with learning challenges, I am sure the Weaver Center can be invaluable to you as well.

                                            -A.L., 22-year old college student (2009)

When I was in 5th grade, I visited Weaver Center (WC) for the first time to work on study skills and strengthen organizational habits.  After several years of working with WC, the Center helped me apply to boarding schools in search of academically demanding curriculums. Perhaps more importantly, when I was accepted to Andover, people at WC supported my decision while other "more experienced"  academics (from my elementary school) advised against the challenge.

I remained in close contact with WC throughout my time at Andover, and then later at Yale. After attending graduate school at Cambridge University in the UK, I began working at J.P. Morgan and continued to stay in close contact with WC.

Last Spring, I spent several sessions working with a Weaver Center clinician in order to tune my professional skills.  My relationship with WC started over 15 years ago (wow!). I'm extremely thankful for the thoughtful guidance and individualized service provided through each stage of my career.

Everyone learns differently.  As I navigate my professional life, I appreciate now more than ever the importance of finding the best environment in which to develop. It is difficult to imagine how I would have progressed if I hadn't walked in to Weaver Center that day in 1990.

                                       - N.K., 29-year-old professional (2009)

My wife and I were growing increasingly frustrated as we watched our 8 year old son struggling, both academically and socially. Weaver Center was able to clearly evaluate his weaknesses (and magnify his hidden strengths) through their remarkable testing regimen. These tests indicated specific therapies which had immediate impact and have made us look forward to a lifetime of possibilities rather than frustrations for our son. Truly a life-changing experience. Thank you.

                                                        - Parent of an 8-year-old boy (2009)

Over the past several years I have been with Weaver Clinic. Previously to attending Weaver Clinic, I had many negative views about myself that brought my self-confidence down. This prohibited me from succeeding in everyday life. Since getting help from Weaver Clinic, I have reversed my negative view of myself; I now do not take into account my weaknesses but only explore my strengths. Weaver Clinic has also given me the tools to amplify my strengths into realizing an unlimited potential.

                                                              -J.J., 22-year-old client (2008)

Our son very much enjoys working with you and we are very pleased that we are all gaining a better understanding of his strengths and challenges, and just how special he is… It is great that you are working with him to ensure that he realizes that he is not “bad” and to understand that he is often not able to control his actions. 

                                   -Mother of 8-year-old student with ADHD (2007)

Thanks for meeting with us! This has been quite a journey with and for our daughter and it is SUCH a gift to meet with someone such as yourself who really ‘gets’ her. Not many have.

                                    -Mother of 18-year-old college student (2007)

I would like to make mention of the fact that I am extremely pleased and very happy with the services the clinicians at the Weaver Clinic have provided to my family… I sought assistance to help (my daughter) improve her social skills…. (the clinician’s) dedication and true love for her profession are most obvious to me as a parent. She truly cares about the children that she works with and is always willing to make time for them and their parents regardless of what her schedule is. For that reason, I am very grateful that we found the Weaver Clinic.

                                      -Mother of an 8-year-old girl (2007)

Well it was quite an experience listening to you and my son chat last week. As you know, hearing one’s 14-year-old talk at length is a rare occurrence. I enjoyed the rapport that you shared. He sounded quite comfortable with you. I have found certain artificiality between some Ph.D.s and my boy in the past yet you made a connection that seemed genuine and my son reacted to it.

-Mother of a high school freshman with ADHD

He has done so well at school:
-Was given a book prize at Baccalaureate for combing academic excellence with music and athletics
-Was awarded MVP of his varsity baseball team
-Was chosen a proctor 
-Got a 5 on his AP US History exam and a 780 on his SAT – 2 for Writing!
Thank you for everything.

-Father of a sophomore college student

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