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Specializing in Learning Styles,
Organization and Attentional Differences

A Full Range of Services 

Initial Consultation 
An initial consultation is a complete review of documents and a detailed interview with a Weaver Center clinician. An individualized comprehensive Plan of Action is developed which includes evaluations, school/work meetings, psychotherapy, specialized treatment and follow-up and accountability services.

Evaluations: Neuropsychological, Psychological, Projective, Educational, Speech & Language
The Weaver Center provides comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations, including neuropsychological, psychological, projective, educational, speech & language, and social/emotional assessment. Clear and understandable written reports emphasize learning strengths and challenges and provide detailed recommendations. Feedback and follow-up are built into the evaluation process to ensure the findings and recommendations are understood, useful and effective in developing a long-term action plan. 
Testing for Private School admissions is provided, as well as updated testing required for accommodations.  

School and Professional Advocacy
Following neuropsychological testing, as knowledgeable and experienced advocates, we attend school meetings on an ongoing basis. We specialize in the development of educational and accommodation (IEP, 504) plans. We develop systems for accountability, and ensure active participation by students, parents, teachers and other professionals to maximize success for our families. We provide the same high-quality, ongoing consultations for our adult clients within their work environments.

Medical Evaluations and Services
Medical consultations and treatments are available on an ongoing basis and are often an important component of treatment. Although Weaver Center has a conservative view regarding medication, careful medical evaluation and support can relieve some of the effects of attention, organizational and interactional challenges. Medical consultations with our psychopharmacologists are designed to be comprehensive, informative and flexible in meeting the individual needs and family values. 

Self Advocacy Method (SAM)
The SAM program is an innovative technique that develops a structured manual of strengths, challenges, and compensatory strategies that enable effective and ongoing self-advocacy skills. The program includes self advocacy, communication and assertiveness skills training through role-playing. The program utilizes the evaluation information so clients can learn about their learning styles and executive functioning, and empowers clients to be more active and effective participants in school and life.  This service is based on the results of neuropsychological, projective and educational evaluations.

Therapy Services
The Weaver Center utilizes a diverse set of solution-focused techniques, including counseling, to develop self-esteem, strategies for increased self-management and organization, social effectiveness, self-advocacy and communication skills for students, families and school systems. Psychotherapy is offered to individual students and adults, as well as couples and families. Skill based strategies are suggested for families coping with attention, organization and learning difficulties.

Educational/Organizational Tutoring and Coaching Services
Utilizing a client’s school or work material, our individualized tutorial and coaching services focus on using strengths to develop techniques to increase productivity and success in organization, writing, study skills, test taking, note taking, time management, reading comprehension and homework strategies.  Clients work on improving executive function, attention and memory skills. Therapeutic tutoring is based on neuropsychological and educational assessment.   Regularly scheduled communication through e-mail and/or phone consultation to teachers, parents, students and adult clients ensures ongoing self-advocacy, effectiveness and accountability.
Clinic or home-based organizational coaching services are available to high school students and adults. Consultation and check-ins are done in-person or via email and/or phone.  Group coaching sessions may also be available.

Weaver Center Transition Planning and Placement (WCTTP)

The Weaver Center provides services to help high school students who are planning to go to college and young adults planning to return to college, navigate through the process.

A wide range of services are offered and tailored to meet individual needs, including how to choose a college, the application process, essay development, interview prep, meeting deadlines, school visits, support during the first semester and much more.

Vocational Evaluations
Young and mature adults often benefit from thorough self-knowledge of interests and skills to develop satisfying future plans for college, training and career. Our vocational evaluations can provide essential information about areas of learning strengths, interests, appropriate accommodations and specific strategies for pursuing post-secondary education and career goals.

Follow-Up Services
The Weaver Center provides ongoing follow-up services to ensure continued development of self-knowledge and self-advocacy skills. Regularly scheduled follow-up and annual neuropsychological evaluations, or partial evaluations, help reinforce and maintain the most effective coping and adjustment strategies developed for use at school or work.

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